Jennifer Aniston sends fans wild as she returns to iconic Rachel haircut

Jennifer Aniston set the internet ablaze as she delighted fans by wearing her signature short style at Golden Globes on Sunday, recreating her

iconic character of Rachel Green.

Friends alum Aniston stole the show in awe-inspiring black gown as she returned to her signature short style, dubbed “the Rachel”.

Aniston tugged at many stars’ heartstrings as she graced the red carpet in a strapless black gown.

The Hollywood star looked drop dead gorgeous in the figure-hugging dress, which shaped like a mermaid tail, that fell all the way to the floor and covered her ankles.

The stunning skirt was decorated with embroidered clam shells, while the solid black top of the dress tapered off at a silky belt around her waist.

She wore sparkly silver rings to her fingers and a pair of matching earrings at each lobe to glam up for the cameras.

To elevate her look, Aniston adorned her glossy pink lips and gave a sizzling touch to her lashes and eyebrows. She cropped her famous brunette tresses to cascade upon her shoulders, with a half-fringe flopping into one eye, reminding fans of her iconic role in Friends.

Jennifer Aniston’s Golden Globs look broke the internet, with many of her fans admiring the actress for giving them a perfect treat even though she walked away from the ceremony without any awards.