Jennifer Aniston Shares a Peek at Her Reindeer Christmas Decorations: ‘They’re Back!’

“They’re back,” Aniston wrote in the accompanying caption, as this isn’t the first Christmas the reindeer have featured as part of the actress’ festive decor.

“I’m sorry, this was a terrible idea,” she said in 2022 as her dogs tried to bite the reindeer. “Be nice! He’s visiting — he’s just here for the holidays,” she added as the pups went for the festive creature.

“Good luck to all the wooden Rudolphs out there 🎄👀❤️,” her caption read alongside the funny photos and video at the time.

Wearing black, the ladies all flashed smiles as they dressed up for The Morning Show Tastemaker cocktail reception in Los Angeles on Thursday.

“Norman Lear. 💔 His shows shaped my childhood and getting to know him was one of my greatest honors,” she wrote on Wednesday under an Instagram carousel post that featured a snap of the two hugging. “He made such a difference. A huge impact on television and humanity.”

The star added that “he was able to tackle and discuss heated political conversations during difficult and charged times and we were able to laugh and learn.”

“I yearn for those days,” Aniston continued. “When creativity was a learning tool and could inspire people to maybe think just a little bit differently. And of course to laugh. Our greatest source of healing.”