Jennifer Aniston Shows Fans How She Stretches Out Her Chic Leather Shorts In Hilarious BTS Video

The star of Murder Mystery recently posted a video clip on her IG Story showcasing her attire for a Variety feature story alongside co-star

Reese Witherspoon. In the footage, she rocked a pair of black leather shorts layered over black tights. She paired it with a button-down

sweater in black that featured medium-length sleeves. But, the outfit may not have been the most comfortable.

Jennifer Aniston Rocks An All-Black Look For Variety Cover With Reese Witherspoon

Aniston’s behind-the-scenes video provided a candid glimpse, suggesting that despite her stylish appearance, her leather shorts might needed a little bit of a stretch.

On the same day the interview was released, The Morning Show actress playfully engaged in a “tight-pants dance” and a gentle squat to ensure her leather shorts were adequately stretched before heading to the set with her ‘work wife’ Reese to finish up the photoshoot.

The iconic Legally Blonde star also slayed in a chic ensemble, showcasing her flair for style. Reese owned a figure-flattering pencil skirt paired with a sleek black button-down shirt and finished off the look with killer pointed-toe heels.

The two leading ladies of the acting industry have known each other for more than two decades, as Aniston told Variety, “We’re partners. We’re friends. We’re girlfriends, and we share all sorts of heartbreaks in life and love and everything.”

When asked how the dynamics of their work and personal relationship is, the Home Again alum said, “It’s just mutual respect and years of experience. And I think we’re both incredulous that we’re both still kicking around! That we’re still working at this level is such a privilege. It’s an honor to get to contribute to something that’s really speaking about the world we live in nowadays.”

Regarding The Morning Show, both actresses were asked what they hope viewers get out of season 3. Witherspoon said, “It’s creating adult conversations about issues that we’re dealing with every day in real time in our workplace environments and in our personal lives, so it helps us process. It mirrors a lot of what’s going on in the world, and life is complicated.” Jennifer added, “And there’s something about allowing people to sit and digest [weekly], because everything is so fast. People’s attention spans are just so limited. To have a moment to sit and digest and think about it and talk about it, maybe watch it again to try to understand it.”