Jennifer Aniston Stretches Out Her Tight Leather Shorts in Relatable BTS Clip from Variety Shoot

Aniston did a bit of a tight-pants dance before hitting the set with ‘Morning Show’ costar Reese Witherspoon

In the video that she shared the same day the interview dropped, Aniston ever so relatably (we’ve all been there) did a tight-pants dance and a gentle squat to stretch out her leather shorts before heading to set with Witherspoon.

Witherspoon matched Aniston’s all-black vibe for the Variety shoot with a black pencil skirt and black button-down shirt, and both women wore their hair down and in loose waves. Aniston’s video also showed how much fun the two women had on set together, smiling in between photos and laughing between takes.

The two also dished on season 3 of their Apple TV+ show, which premiered in September — and also teased what could be in store for season 4 if they had their way with where the story may go.

“I think it would be great to do something with AI and the veracity of news when things can be so easily manufactured. It’s really a strange time for journalism, and it just continues to evolve,” Witherspoon shared of the current state of affairs of media, which is at the crux of the show.

Aniston agreed, adding, “It’s unsettling to know that so much is manufactured and can be so easily manufactured and that so many people just believe it at face value.”