Jennifer Aniston talks her portrayal as Rachel: ‘I can’t escape her’

Jennifer Aniston talked about her fame acclaimed role in the sitcom FRIENDS. The actress revealed she was a nobody when the show first premiered.

Aniston’s career, however, reached new heights over the ten-year duration of the sitcom.

The Marley & Me actress discussed her role as Rachel Green once more in an interview with Stellar Magazine earlier this year. Aniston publicly acknowledged that she feels compelled to watch Rachel again since it is her favourite part.

According to what The Break-Up star told Daily Mail: “I always love Rachel and go back to Rachel. I can’t escape her, actually.”

Fans may be slightly let down, though, as Aniston has categorically ruled out the chance of their favourite FRIENDS characters making a comeback to television.

The Horrible Bosses actor defended her decision to give her role her all. The cast and crew seem to agree that a FRIENDS relaunch may currently damage the old show.

Aniston added context: “I feel like I have done them all; wrap them up and put them in a neat pile and put them away.”

The same consideration went into making a reunion special that focused on the actors’ reunion rather than that of the characters.

Although it seems unlikely that the cast and crew will get together for another reunion, Aniston suggested during her appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show that FRIENDS: The Reunion might be a one-of-a-kind occasion.