Jennifer Aniston Throws Heat At 55, Maggie Sajak As A Chiefs Cheerleader & Saban Mocks Ex-GameDay Host

Hello, and welcome to a Thursday Nightcaps – the one where we talk some Brittany Mahomes-Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover.

Just kidding! We have class here. We’re gonna say happy birthday to 55-year-old Jennifer Aniston instead, because our girl can still throw

the heat harder and faster than any wannabe influencer on this planet.

She’s the Nolan Ryan of modern-day actresses, and we celebrate that sort of longevity around here.

Whew. What a way to come out of the gates on an otherwise meh Thursday afternoon!

Really not a ton going on right now beyond the Super Bowl this weekend, which is always such a bittersweet day. You’ve gone two weeks without football – and betting on football – and you finally get it back, so you’re thrilled.

But you also know when the clock hits all zeroes, football is just done until late August. Gone. Poof. Miserable.

Sad. But we’re not gonna be negative today. Well, we’re gonna unfortunately have to update our aviation list, but beyond that we’ll try to stay positive.

So yes, we’ll do that by checking in with Jennifer Aniston. Duh. We’re also going to put Taylor Swift under the microscope with the help of John Rich, head out to Las Vegas with Maggie Sajak, and maybe do some NIL math with a Tulsa recruit.

Sound good? I hope so, because that’s what you’re getting today, like it or not!

Grab a red solo cup for Toby, pour whatever the hell you’d like in it, and settle in for a Thursday ‘Cap:

John Rich has a question for Taylor Swift after Toby Keith death

I know I said I didn’t want to be negative today, but I have to briefly talk about Toby Keith because I haven’t been on since he died Tuesday …

What a blow – not only to the country music world, but to patriotism in general. Nobody loved this country the way Toby did, and it wasn’t a bit.

He bled red (duh), white and blue from start to finish.

And I’m not gonna sit here and tell you which songs to listen to, because everyone knows the hits. Hell, I think I mention Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue at least once a week around here.

There is one lesser-known Toby Keith album I’d encourage everyone to listen to at some point this weekend, and it’s called The Bus Songs.