Jennifer Aniston Wins Drama TV Star Award for The Morning Show

Aniston’s success didn’t stop there; she was nominated for two categories at the People’s Choice Awards: Female TV Star of the Year and

Drama TV Star of the Year. Ultimately, she secured the Drama TV Star of the Year award, surpassing seven other nominees, including Pedro

Pascal. While fans initially hoped to see Aniston grace the BAFTA red carpet, her absence turned out to be serendipitous, allowing her to fully

shine at the People’s Choice Awards. Her presence was celebrated, and her talent was acknowledged with not just one, but two memorable moments on stage.

After emotionally accepting the award from Jon Hamm, Jennifer Aniston delivered her speech, saying, “Jon Hamm, Hammer Time. Oh my God, this is so incredible, you guys. I can’t tell you. I love – thank you, by the way. I love – I love you. Thank you. I love doing our Morning Show. We have so much fun.”