Jennifer Aniston’s Controversial Decision While Filming ‘The Morning Show’ Sex Scene With Jon Hamm Sparks Online Debate

Jennifer Aniston probably didn’t realize she was going to create an internet firestorm when she revealed in a Variety interview that she and

Jon Hamm didn’t need an intimacy coordinator during their hot sex scene on The Morning Show. The 54-year-old actress said it was

because she’s from “the olden days” when a crew position like that didn’t exist, but X, former Twitter, users had something to say about her comments.

One account leaned in right away into the plot line of the Apple TV+ series and how Aniston is missing the point right away. They wrote, “The irony of playing the role a talk show host who ignored her co hosts sexually predatory behavior not getting why an intimacy coordinator should be encouraged by and how it empowers actors without her clout.”