Jennifer Aniston’s favorite brand for thicker brows is on sale for as little as $6

Jennifer Aniston turned 55 earlier this month and the internet went wild, excavating the dozens of products that help the actress appear

years younger than she is — including her secret to perfect brows (this info is not especially new: Aniston’s brow and beauty regimen has

been public knowledge for years). Still, brow maintenance becomes particularly important for women in their 50s because, as we age, our brows become thinner and whiter. There are several ways to combat aging and thinning brows — including brow-growth serums, semi-permanent tinting or, the easiest and most affordable option, filling them in with a high-quality brow gel, like this one from Aniston-favorite brand Anastasia Beverly Hills, which is right now on President’s Day sale at Sephora.