Jennifer Aniston’s new workout involves ‘moving planks, push-ups and glute-bridges’ looks tough- but is much kinder on the body than gruelling cardio

Jennifer Aniston is known for her gruelling workout routines and staying fit and healthy into her 50s.

But even the fitness-fanatic Friends star, 55, has admitted her ‘doesn’t want to work out’ sometimes.

On Monday, Jennifer took her fans through a few quick clips of her sweat session and ended the video with her collapsing at the end of her push-ups.

‘Oh god, you know those days when you just don’t wanna do it, you just gotta do it,’ she said in the clip.

Long-term followers on the star might be surprised to see the intensity of the star’s workout, as she recently said she wanted a change from ‘breaking her body’ with high-impact cardio.

The LA-based actress uses Pvolve, a low-impact, high-intensity ‘functional’ work-out programme that involves moving planks (going from a downward dog position to a plank and back again).