Jennifer Aniston’s personal trainer lifts the lid on the workouts that keep her in such sensational shape – revealing how Friends star is ‘future-proofing’ her body with low-impact exercises

Jennifer Aniston has ditched her early morning cardio session – and she wishes she had done it sooner.

The 54-year-old actress is now doing low-resistance training to maintain her age-defying physique in order to ‘future-proof’ her body.

Recently she announced as the face of Pvovle in June, which is a workout app and studio, and it focuses on low-impact workouts.

Aniston started using Pvovle in 2021, which uses an inflatable P.ball, the resistance band, hand weights, and gliders in workouts.

After loving the program, she reached out to the company for some personal training sessions – with the Pvovle director of training, Dani Coleman, admitting she was ‘beside’ herself.

‘She just realized you don’t have to break your body, which is something a lot of us were raised thinking with workouts,’ Coleman told Business Insider.

‘As a former dancer, I always thought I had to be in pain with movement and, yeah, not true.’

Coleman has now been training the Friends star for a year and a half, with the fit actress working out two to three times a week in one-hour sessions.

The personal trainer described Aniston as ‘gracious and hard-working’ in her sessions.

‘It’s not just going through the motions to work out, it’s really understanding and deep-diving into her body and our method,’ Coleman said.

She added it was important to remember a workout didn’t have to be painful.

‘When we think about archaic ideas of working out, we think, “No pain, no gain,”‘ Coleman pointed out.

‘We really want to challenge that conversation and say, “Hey, you can feel good doing your workouts and get the results that you want.”‘

‘So it’s really about sustainability and longevity,’ the fitness trainer added.

Coleman previously told ‘Our on-demand library offers classes across a variety of lengths and levels so you can start slow and work your way to more advanced training.

‘For someone newer to exercise, we recommend starting off with our Moves & Equipment tutorial page (under filters tab in Collections) to learn the foundations of the method and then continue with our Get Started category.

‘Pvolve’s Live Virtual Studio also allows you to stream classes live so you can interact with the instructor.’

Aniston has opened up about her love of Pvolve in the past, gushing she ‘instantly fell in love’ with the workout.

The Hollywood it girl started working with the program after hurting her back two years ago.

‘With this program, you can start gentle,’ the star explained. ‘You can restore your body.’

In another interview with People earlier in the year, Aniston noted: ‘I like to find something that really works and then share it with my girlfriends.

‘If I had known about it 20 years ago when I was breaking my body to begin with, we would’ve saved so much pain.’