Jennifer Aniston’s ‘slab backsplash’ is ahead of a kitchen trend that cleverly marries style and functionality

The ‘slab backsplash’ has revealed itself among 2024’s most significant kitchen trends, and despite it being a new phenomenon, it already

comes with celebrity approval.

Jennifer Aniston is the latest figure (alongside NFL’s Stephen and Ayesha Curry) who we’ve seen experiment with the slab backsplash in her Los Angeles kitchen. However, in true Aniston style, she tapped into the look long before it was a certified kitchen trend.

The term ‘slab backsplash’ refers to a single, continuous piece of material that covers the entirety of a kitchen wall. In Aniston’s case, she has opted for a large black slab that juxtaposes her natural wooden cabinets – but there’s more to this feature than its aesthetics.