Jennifer Aniston’s surprising statement about Brad Pitt’s personality unearthed

However, the Friends actress has remained unbelievable reserved – at least publicly – over the years refusing to rake what they had through

the dirt and took the high road over Brad’s second marriage.

Now, years after that relationship also ended in divorce, Jennifer’s unearthed comments about her ex reveal more about his personality.

Brad and Angelina’s relationship has been contentious since their divorce in 2016, and yet he has maintained a close bond with his first wife, Jennifer Aniston.

That being said, Jennifer made an eye-opening revelation about her ex in an interview after they split and he began dating his Mrs. & Mrs. co-star.

In a lengthy chat with Vanity Fair, Jennifer confessed her feelings over the now-infamous W magazine photoshoot with Brad and Angelina that took place the same year he divorced her.