Jennifer Anniston has no recollection of who David Schwimmer is in this new Super Bowl ad

Friends fans have something to look forward to at Sunday’s Super Bowl 2024 as Ross and Rachel reunite for a new advertisement for Uber

Eats. Stars David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston share screen space for a brief few seconds in a multi-starrer ad for Uber Eats.

The actors who played on-and-off lovers throughout the 10 seasons of the superhit TV show are shown to run into each other in the ad. The trouble is that when David tries to greet Jennifer with a hug, she stops him short stating she can’t remember him and doesn’t reciprocate his hug comfortably.

She then asks him, “Have we met?” putting him in an awkward spot as he tries to remind her that they have worked together for a long time. He says, “We worked together for ten years!,” but she still doesn’t remember him, and replies, “You look great,” and he remarks, “You still don’t know, do you?”

Aniston then starts walking away, and wondering how she could forget someone after working with them for so long. She says, “Like I’d forget 10 years of my life,” and he says, “I hate this town,” following her snub.

The ad also features Usher, David and Victoria Beckham but in a different segment.

As the ad was dropped on Tuesday, fans of the Friends TV show got emotional seeing Ross and Rachel’s reunion. Many flooded the post’s comments section with sweet messages as they got nostalgic.

One fan wrote, “The one where Ross & Rachel reunite,” another fan wrote, “Maybe Jennifer didn’t remember David because they were on a break?,” and another person wrote, “Jen and David is the cure to every bad thing that I needed.”