Jennifer Lawrence stuns fans with FULL-FRONTAL naked scene in X-Rated comedy No Hard Feelings on Netflix: ‘She’s completely fearless!’

Jennifer Lawrence has stunned fans by going completely naked in her new film No Hard Feelings, which has just been released on Netflix in the US.

The Oscar-winning actress performs full-frontal nudity in one very explicit fight scene in the raunchy romantic comedy, that was released in cinemas in June

this year.

Now fans have taken to social media in complete shock at the eye-popping scene, that shows the 33-year-old tackle a group of troublemakers on the beach after they steal all her clothing.

‘Why is Jennifer Lawrence in this movie naked fighting?’ one shocked fan wrote just last night.

The particularly scene which occurs mid-way through the film, shows Jennifer’s character Maddie going skinny dipping with a 19-year-old student who she is trying to seduce.

Up until this point in the foul-mouthed comedy, viewers had been following J-Law and the scene-stealing Andrew Barth Feldman embark on a very awkward romance.

Maddie (Lawrence) has been tasked with dating Percy (Feldman) by his parents, who are eager for their son to have some romantic experience before he goes off to college.

Their awkward dates lead them both to disrobe at the beach, and when their clothes are stolen, a fully naked Maddie runs across sand to aggressively reclaim them from a group of pranksters.

‘Jennifer Lawrence is naked in No Hard Feelings? What the f**k,’ one wrote on X.

‘Was not remotely paying attention to the movie I put on at work & all of a sudden I turn around to Jennifer Lawrence beating up teenagers naked on a beach & getting punched in the p***y,’ a fan wrote crassly on X.

Another wrote: ‘Jennifer Lawrence is Freggin hilarious in No Hard Feelings. She’s completely fearless, gets all kinds of butt naked, and is a foul mouthed truck driver. If I didn’t respect her so much I’d probably ask her to marry me.’

A fan joked: ‘Never thought I’d see a naked Jennifer Lawrence body slam a kid on the beach but maybe nature is healing.’

The film was a modest hit this summer bringing in $87m at the box office against its $45m budget.

However, the nude scene has been no secret — as Jennifer herself spoke about it publicly when promoting the film.

‘Everyone in my life and my team is doing the right thing and going, “Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure?”‘ she told Variety this year. ‘I didn’t even have a second thought. It was hilarious to me.’

Some fans wondered why Jennifer, who won an Oscar in 2013 for Silver Linings Playbook, opted to due a fully nude scene in that context.

One fan wrote on X: ‘To be 100[%] clear: I am a HUGE fan of J-Law — hell, one of the only JOY defenders out there — but her decision to run around buck naked on a beach suplexing teenagers in #NoHardFeelings is monumentally baffling. You won an OSCAR girl, what the hell made you say “yes” to that?’

Another just asked: ‘Did I really just watch Jennifer Lawrence fight in the nude? Wtf. Girl no.’

In the movie, Jennifer stars as Maddie Barker, an Uber driver and bartender who answers a Craigslist ad to help the Becker’s, who are wealthy parents of Percy Becker, 19, an awkward guy with no experience with girls and being social.

They promise her their Buick Regal in exchange for dating him.

The film earned mixed reviews from critics and the audience due to its crude humor and flimsy plot.

The R rated comedy also stars Andrew Barth Feldman (as Percy), Laura Benanti as Allison Becker and Matthew Broderick as Laird Becker.

No Hard Feelings also stars Natalie Morales, Hasan Minhaj, Kyle Mooney, Scott MacArthur and Amalia Yoo.

Brian Viner of The Daily Mail gave the film a paltry two stars upon release – saying Lawrence couldn’t give the ‘charmless’ film the kiss of life.

Viner wrote: ‘It’s a romantic comedy so feebly constructed, so lazily written, so devoid of wit and charm, that the ghost of Billy Wilder must be choking on his celestial cigar. Yet it is not without promise.’

‘It stars Jennifer Lawrence, always an engaging presence on screen, although not, as it turns out, quite talented enough to turn water into wine.’

Viner slammed the full-frontal nude scene writing that ‘[it] feels born of absolute desperation, as do some decidedly clunky moments of slapstick.’