Jennifer Lawrence’s Latest Look Reflects Her Impeccable Taste in Films

She isn’t the only one using her headwear to communicate her interests. Just last week, Emily Ratajkowski took a stroll in New York in a navy baseball cap with The Paris Review stitched on it in pale pink embroidery. Perhaps these two film fans should start a merch company.

Our favourite films say a lot about us – a fact that’s not lost on college boys who tape Pulp Fiction posters to their dorm walls, or the Letterboxd users who spend hours painstakingly curating their top four films to be the perfect mixture of indie and crowd-pleasing. But, as Jennifer Lawrence just proved, movie merch can also serve as an off-the-cuff style statement.

Lawrence was photographed on a walk with her son Cy in an oversized look: a tomato-red lapel collared V-neck knit with the sleeves rolled up, over a white crew neck tee. On the bottom, she wore a pair of flowy black trousers, which revealed her red flats. Forget the subtle “pop of red” styling; Lawrence is going all in on the colour of the season.

On the accessories front, the Oscar-winner wore a pair of light, gold-rimmed sunglasses, and a pale pink baseball cap with the title of Wong Kar-wai’s heart-wrenching romance In the Mood for Love embroidered across it in red thread. The film – which takes place across Hong Kong and France – is one of the most critically adored films of the century, if not all time. So, in her low-key baseball cap, Jennifer Lawrence is flexing her impeccable movie taste. (J Law if you are reading this, share your Letterboxd!)