“Lifetime Isn’t Long”: Jennifer Aniston On Life After Matthew Perry’s Death

Matthew Perry, known for his iconic character Chandler Bing in the superhit sitcom Friends, died at the age of 54 on October 28. The actor

was found unresponsive in a hot tub. The first responders found Mr Perry unconscious and were unable to revive him. The investigation into

his death revealed an accidental ketamine overdose. He had struggled for decades with addiction to drugs, including ketamine, and related serious health issues, but had reportedly been clean for 19 months before his passing. Now, actor and Mr Perry’s Friends co-star Jennifer Aniston shared an inspirational post on Christmas stating that people should not take anything for granted.

“Have you ever sat with yourself and thought about the concept of life? Time goes by FAST. You don’t get that back. Please go live. Love hard. Let go of fear. Love yourself. Love the people around you,” the message read.

It added, “Appreciate the hardships. Trust YOUR process. Feed your faith and never forget to FEEL. A lifetime isn’t that long.”

A few days ago, Jennifer Aniston reflected on the actor’s last days in an interview with Variety. She stated that Mr Perry was “happy” and “healthy”. She stated that he “wasn’t struggling” before his death. The 54-year-old actor stated that he would want the world to remember him the way he wanted to be remembered. “As he said he’d love to be remembered. He was happy. He was healthy. He had quit smoking. He was getting in shape. He was happy – that’s all I know,” she said, with tears rolling down.