Love Is Blind: Chelsea’s Megan Fox Resemblance Corrupted The Experiment (But She’s Not Wrong)

Chelsea Blackwell, a current cast member of Love Is Blind season 6, set the internet on fire when she told Jimmy Presnell that people often

compare Chelsea’s looks to actress Megan Fox. During one of their pod dates, Chelsea asked Jimmy if he had a celebrity doppelganger. The

flight attendant went on to say passengers have said she looks like the actress.

Jimmy was visibly excited by the prospect of being with a woman who looked like the beautiful movie star and later told producers that he felt Chelsea had misled him about her looks. Jimmy ended up getting down on one knee and proposing to Chelsea at the end of episode six, once before he saw her face-to-face and once after. The Love Is Blind season 6 stars vowed to spend the rest of their lives together despite being embroiled in love triangles with Trevor Sova and Jess Vestal.