Love Is Blind Season 6: Chelsea Compares Herself To Megan Fox (And The Reaction Online Is Brutal)

Love Is Blind season 6’s Chelsea Blackwell compared herself to Megan Fox, and the online reaction was brutal. Chelsea found herself in a

love quadrangle with white-bread Jimmy Presnell, TikTok model personified Jessica Vestal, and mulleted bodybuilder Trevor Sova.

However, by comparing herself to Megan Fox, Chelsea piqued Jimmy’s interest enough to cut things off with Jessica. Unfortunately for

Jimmy, she may have exaggerated the resemblance. As Love Is Blind season 6 kicks off, it’s time to investigate the online reaction to Chelsea’s claims.

According to Reddit fans, Chelsea telling Jimmy she looked like Megan was a terrible mistake. One fan noted, “My favorite part was the big reveal of NOT Megan Fox,” and another said, “I feel like Jimmy keeps saying you’re gorgeous, you’re pretty to Chelsea to convince himself he made the right choice. The Megan Fox comment absolutely swayed him.” While Jimmy undoubtedly had a solid connection with Jessica, it’s clear he couldn’t get Megan out of his mind when picturing Chelsea. Chelsea said others noted their similarities because of their shared dark hair and light eyes, but it was a misleading comparison.