Love Is Blind season 6 reunion biggest bombshells: Jimmy and Megan Fox lookalike Chelsea ‘dated for a few days’ after their break-up, Clay calls AD ‘love of my life’, and which two castmembers are now dating?

There were plenty of revelations made on Wednesday’s Love Is Blind season 6 reunion and after.

Following her appearance on the reunion, self-described Megan Fox lookalike Chelsea Blackwell, 31, dished more about her failed relationship with Jimmy Presnell, 28, revealing to People that they gave their love another chance after he left her in the finale.

‘We dated for a few days after the breakup. And it was a journey that we were trying to maneuver together,’ she shared. However, in the end they decided to split.

Meanwhile during the reunion Clay Gravesande, 31, called Amber Desiree ‘AD’ Smith, 33, ‘the love of my life’ and said that it ‘broke’ his heart to hurt her.

The reunion also revealed that Jeramey Lutinski, 32, and Sarah Ann Bick, 30, have found love together, and confirmed they started dating after his split from fiancée Laura Dadisman, who called them ‘disgusting.’