Love Is Blind’s Chelsea Reached Out To Apologize To Megan Fox!

ICYMI, during the hit Netflix reality series, Chelsea told her suitor Jimmy Presnell that people often tell her she looks like the Jennifer’s

Body alum. He instantly freaked out — but was later disappointed when he felt she “lied” about the comparison (though he was still attracted

to her, which is good considering they’d just gotten engaged).

The comparison ultimately caused a TON of controversy online — partly because viewers were upset about the physical details being shared on a show about falling in love sight unseen, but mostly because almost nobody saw the similarity! Now, in a new interview with ET on Thursday, the 31-year-old flight attendant revealed she regrets making the comment and reached out to Megan to apologize for the drama! After noting that people can be “so mean” on socials, Chelsea dished: