‘Love Is Blind’s Jimmy Admits He Regrets His Viral Reaction to Chelsea’s Megan Fox Comments (Exclusive)

Jimmy Presnell admits he has some regrets about how his time on Love Is Blind has played out so far.

The reality dating contestant spoke with ET’s Denny Directo on Thursday and opened up about one of season 6’s most viral moments so far: the infamous Megan Fox comments.

During Jimmy’s pod date with 31-year-old flight attendant and event planner Chelsea Blackwell, the topic turned to celebrity doppelgangers. After Jimmy said that he is sometimes mistaken for star NFL running back Christian McCaffrey, Chelsea shared that she has received comparisons to Megan Fox.

The mention prompted a visceral reaction from Jimmy, who gasped in excitement and frantically started taking notes in his notebook. But when the episode debuted on Netflix on Feb. 14, Chelsea quickly faced backlash from viewers who accused her of lying about her looks in an attempt to “catfish” Jimmy.