‘Love Is Blind’s’ Jimmy Changes Tune About the Megan Fox Comparisons

Love Is Blind is an experiment questioning if people could fall in love and stay in love without seeing what each other looks like, and the

results vary on the reality series. However, it doesn’t seem like there are any rules on what you can say in the pods to try to figure out each

other’s appearance. Season 6 showed Chelsea Blackwell telling Jimmy Presnell that she’s been told she looks like Megan Fox.

At that point, Jimmy was torn between Chelsea and single mother, Jessica Vestal. Jimmy joked that he made his decision right then if Chelsea does look like the Transformers star. “Can we get married?” he asked while standing up and looking amazed. However, he looked disappointed at their reveal and he told producers that he thought she lied to him about her celebrity look-a-like. Jimmy is now addressing his big reaction to the situation.