Machine Gun Kelly Opens up About Megan Fox’s Miscarriage in a Raw, Emotional Way

Machine Gun Kelly (born Colson Baker) is reflecting on a challenging time in his life: when his fiancée Megan Fox experienced a miscarriage

with their baby. He shared his raw feelings in a rap for the song “Don’t Let Me Go,” which was released Wednesday.

In the song, MGK raps, per E! News, “How can I live with the fact/ That my hand wasn’t on her stomach when we lost the baby?” He adds, “I don’t got no one to turn to/ Because everyone’s dead in my life that was tryna raise me.”

The Jennifer’s Body star has also opened up about her miscarriage in her poetry book Pretty Boys Are Poisonous. Fox told Women’s Wear Daily, “That experience was so much harder than I would’ve anticipated it being, and I’ve really analyzed ‘why was that? Why was that so difficult for me?’ Because when I was younger, I had an ectopic pregnancy, I’ve had other things that I’m not going to say because God forbid the world will be in an uproar. But I’ve been through other similar issues, but not with someone who I was so in love with.”