Fox gives an honest list of all the plastic surgeries she’s got done: Nose job, breast implants…

Megan Fox appreciates it when women are transparent about all the cosmetic procedures they have got done. On the same vein, she revealed

all of her own plastic surgery procedures during a podcast, Call Her Daddy with Alex Cooper.

Megan did mention that even if she revealed with all honesty all the things she’s got done, people (specially women) would still troll her. She gave Kylie Jenner’s example. “I still won’t win because there are some girls who have been who have been transparent…I don’t want to like bring people in… but someone like a Kylie has been very transparent. That is not helping her people or women are still brutally dragging her just the same. And totally undeserved. She’s a beautiful, healthy, young, gorgeous girl. And I actually feel for whatever reason, very protective when I watch other girls go through this, I want to defend them or go to war for them,” Megan said.