Fox Looks Unrecognizable In Stunning Makeup-Free Selfie

Megan Fox is proving that she’s beautiful with or without the full glam in a new fresh-faced photo.

The Jennifer’s Body star took to Instagram on Wednesday (April 17) to show off a more natural look than fans usually see her rocking compared to the glamorous full beat she typically sports on the red carpet. In the pic, a glowing Fox, wearing only pajama pants and a black bra, can be seen staring into a mirror while ditching the makeup, seemingly only wearing a slight sheen of lipgloss, per Page Six.

The photo also showcases the long blue hair she recently unveiled, sharing pics of the transformation on social media and saying she’s “entering my Jedi era.”

“repairing my hair (and 26 inches of extensions) post coachella,” she wrote in the caption.