Fox’s Latest Outing Shows How Much MGK Has Influenced Her Sudden Style Change

When Megan Fox came onto the Hollywood scene, she was quickly known for her classic Beauty, with many pointing out her full lips and

black hair. For the most part, she kept everything on the more natural side, but over the years, she has embraced a different sort of style that

is kind of a total 180 from her previous looks. Within the past couple of years, she’s dyed her hair fun colors like red and has gotten more daring with her red carpet looks. This past weekend, she changed up her style yet again in a way that has many seeing double with her fiance, Machine Gun Kelly.

To see what we mean, check out the photos of her at The One Party by Uber at Fontainebleau Las Vegas on Feb 9. She was seen rocking cotton candy pink hair, along with an all-black ensemble of a studded black corset, black leather pants, and clear platform shoes. You can see the showstopping pic below: