Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Arrive in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl

On Friday, February 9, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox enjoyed a Super Bowl party together and Future’s concert during night one of\

Homecoming in Las Vegas. In a video shared by a fan account on Instagram, they can be seen rocking out together in the audience, wearing

matching all-black ensembles.

Fox was wearing a low cut bustier top under a leather trench coat with a pair of black gloves. She wore leather leggings and clear platform heels. Her hair was in a pink bob with some darker roots growing out. MGK was in a black turtleneck with a chain around his neck, a leather jacket and black pants. He also wore dark sunglasses in the venue.

The couple have not made many public appearances together in the last year, though they did attend several Halloween parties together, like the annual Casamigos Halloween Party in Beverly Hills. They wore a cheeky couple’s costume as characters from Kill Bill: Volume 1, Quentin Tarantino’s 2003 hit film. Fox dressed as the assassin Gogo Yubari, originally played by actress Chiaki Kuriyama. MGK was the movie’s “Bride” character, played by Uma Thurman, donning her blood-splattered yellow jumpsuit.