Megan Fox debuts new sleeve tattoo and fans are shocked

Fox has gotten a bunch of blossoming pink flowers trailing down her left arm, as well as an illustration of a bird spreading its wing along her

inner bicep.

Not only did the star stunt her tattoos but she also wore a chainmail dress adorned with Swarovski crystals and debuted her baby pink-dyed hair.

Although she appeared covered up with a huge black coat for the event, she shared her outfit and showcased her new ink on her Instagram page.

The 37-year-old captioned the photos: “girl, interrupted.”

And social media users couldn’t help but express their opinions on her new look.

“Normally I think she looks so good, but she just doesn’t here. Idk this isn’t her best,” one critical fan wrote.

“Don’t get me wrong these pictures are stunning. However that’s not Megan Fox anymore. It doesn’t look anything like her,” added another.

“Hope the sleeve is fake … she’ll start looking like mgk pretty soon,” someone else commented, referencing her partner, Machine Gun Kelly.

Well, it is clear you can’t please everybody. Thankfully, many of Fox’s fans leapt in to defend her and praised her for expressing her look and getting the full sleeve.

One user commented: “THE SLEEVE. didn’t think you could get any hotter but here we are.”