Megan Fox Reveals How Machine Gun Kelly Helped Her Journey to ‘Heal’ with New Poetry Book

Megan Fox‘s new book of poetry, titled Pretty Boys are Poisonous, is full of entries about toxic relationships she’s had with men — and

luckily, it seems that Machine Gun Kelly isn’t one of them.

While promoting the book on The Drew Barrymore Show, the actress opened up about the support she’s received from her rapper-rocker fiancé throughout the process of writing and publishing. “I think it helps that he’s an artist himself, and he recognizes that he has this outlet where he gets to experience this catharsis through songwriting,” she tells Barrymore in a teaser clip from the interview, which goes live on YouTube Friday (Nov. 10). “As an actor, you don’t really have that. When you love someone, you’re not gonna deny them the right to experience a relief from their suffering. That’s just part of what it is to care about someone and want to see them heal.”