Megan Fox Rocks A ‘Jennifer’s Body’-Inspired Corset Gown On Stage But Fans Are Saying She Looks Unrecognizable: ‘What Did You Do To Your Face?’

Megan Fox is known for her penchant for changing up her appearance, be it through her hair color, wardrobe choices, or makeup. The

actress has a knack for sparking conversations among fans with her transformative style. In her latest venture, she takes a nostalgic turn by

embracing a “cursed bride edition,” drawing inspiration from her character in Jennifer’s Body.

During the People’s Choice Awards, Fox graced the stage with Joe Manganiello to present an award. She wore a striking white strapless corset gown featuring an elegant ruffled skirt. Complementing the ensemble, she adorned herself with silver jewelry and sported a black choker, stylishly tied into a bow at the back. Notably, Fox completed her look with loose waves, showcasing her signature pink hair with effortless charm.