Megan Fox Says She Suffered a Miscarriage

Megan Fox is opening up about a miscarriage she recently suffered with fiancé Machine Gun Kelly — both in her new poetry book, Pretty

Boys Are Poisonous, and in a Good Morning America interview, during which she shared that the pregnancy loss was “very difficult for both

of us.”

Speaking about the last two poems in the book, Fox said the miscarriage sent her and Machine Gun Kelly, whose birth name is Colson Baker, “on a very wild journey … together and apart and together and apart and together and apart, trying to navigate What does this mean? and Why did this happen?” She and Baker were rumored to have broken off their engagement earlier this year, though People reported in May that they were back together.

Machine Gun Kelly also seems to have referenced the miscarriage in his work. In 2022, he released a song with the lyrics “One day and another ten weeks / I never even got to hear your heart beat.” According to Fox’s interview, the last two poems of her book explore the miscarriage, recalling an ultrasound taken at ten weeks and a day. “Maybe if you hadn’t … maybe if I had,” she wrote. “I will pay any price / Tell me please / what is the ransom / for her soul?”