‘Morning Show’ fans cringe at Jennifer Aniston’s face: ‘Unrecognizable and weird’

Some viewers of “The Morning Show” have complained on X that it’s hard to watch its star Jennifer Aniston — because of the cosmetic work

they think she’s had on her face.

“I’m watching the new season of ‘The Morning Show’ & I can’t get past Jennifer Aniston’s face! What did she do? . . . made it almost unrecognizable & weird,” wrote @TheSiouxzy.

“She looks like a freak, I can’t watch her anymore and I used to LOVE Jennifer Aniston. Getting ‘work done’ and messing up your face are not the same thing,” @terrybythebay said.

One expert agreed with the amateurs, telling The Post that Aniston, 54, looks like she’s gone under the knife.

“She definitely had surgery,” celebrity facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk told The Post from his Park Avenue office.