Nicki Minaj Activates Barb Alert System in ‘Pink Friday 2’ Teaser: ‘Approaching #GagCity’

Nicki Minaj issued an urgent Barb Alert on Wednesday night (Dec. 6), warning her ardent followers to prepare for the impact of her long-

awaited fifth studio album, Pink Friday 2. The tease for the collection originally due out last month — but delayed to coincide with the MC’s

41st birthday on Friday (Dec. 8) — also featured the heads up: “Approaching #GagCity.”

The futuristic 26-second preview warned Barbz to “stand by for further information” and included a snippet of the as-yet-unreleased PF2 song “Big Difference,” in which she raps, “Like my hunnids blue/ Bad b–ches, yeah, I keep ’em by the two/ It’s a big difference between me and you/ I ain’t nothin’ like you, you, you, or you.”

In a previous post, Minaj leaned into the fantasy flight-themed tease, telling Barbz, “As we begin to prepare for landing, please make sure your tray tables are put back up & your seat belts are tightly fastened. The captain has activated the ‘no bathroom’ sign. If you look out the window, you’ll begin to see the beauty…clear waters, pink dolphins…#GagCity #PF2.”

The long wind-up to the release of the album and Nicki’s colorful “Gag City” descriptions have already inspired a wide range of candy-colored fan art, which you can check out here, and here and here.

Minaj was slated to perform at Monday’s (Dec. 4) iHeartRadio Jingle Ball in Chicago, but told Barbz she had to peel off the bill in order to focus on preparing for the PF2 release. Last week she issued the stark warning, “If you on my $h!t list, you will never EVER recover. The. Fkng. End.” She also promised that the album is a certified classic that is “just beyond anything I could have imagined” after earlier saying that it is “one of the greatest albums of ALL TIME.”

Pink Friday 2 is the follow-up to Minaj’s 2018 album, Queen.