Nicki Minaj Calls On Monica & Keyshia Cole For The Empowering “Love Me Enough”

Nicki Minaj continues to add songs to “Pink Friday 2.”

Nicki Minaj releasing an album this year was a big deal, and people took it that way. According to reports, Pink Friday 2 had massive first-week sales. Well, just like any smart businesswoman would do, Nicki decided to keep the allure of her latest album going by extending it. Today, she released yet another track she added to it called “Love Me Enough” with Monica and Keyshia Cole.

“Love Me Enough” is an all-around beautiful track. In it, Nicki Minaj, Monica, and Keyshia Cole underscore the significance of self-reliance on the journey to happiness. Though the song features this enchanting beat that I think is pretty basic, it’s Keyshia Cole and Monica’s passionate singing combined with Nicki’s raw and authentic rap style that really catches my attention.

We used to get an empowering song like this every other week in the 90s. I miss those days!