Nicki Minaj drops her fifth studio album Pink Friday 2 on her 41st birthday and fans are ecstatic: ‘My ears have been blessed’

Nicki Minaj dropped her fifth studio album Pink Friday 2 on her 41st birthday on Friday and her fan, named Barbz were ecstatic, saying: ‘My ears have been blessed’.

Pink Friday 2 is the sequel to Nicki’s debut album Pink Friday, which came out in 2010, and is the rapper’s first album in five years.

The album has 22 tracks and features artists such as Drake, Lil Wayne, and Future. One of its songs is produced by Finneas, Billie Eilish’s brother.

Just finished #PinkFriday2 and Nicki ate every SONG. My house is now in shambles… Barb for life,’ one fan wrote.

Another said: ‘SHE’S BAAAAAACK!!!!! The queen of rap is back and it’s no skips over here I’m afraid #PinkFriday2.’

‘Pink friday 2 is a VIBE, like that was an enjoyable experience for me personally & this is just on first listen. ICONIC #PinkFriday2.’

‘Nicki released an album that sounds nothing like what the female rappers are releasing these days, I love that for my sister. #PinkFriday2.’

‘Number 1 on Apple Music albums??? Good morning #PinkFriday2,’ wrote another, providing a photo of the top four albums on the app.

‘Wow just finished listening to PF2 in full & it definitely has the essence of Pink Friday. Almost like a tribute to the album that started it all.’ Wrote a Barb.

He continued: ‘At the same time, her growth as a writer & lyricist are on full display. She really delivered. I’m kinda gagged. #PinkFriday2.’

A final fan shared: ‘Just finished #PinkFriday2 and it’s a masterpiece. 10/10. No skips, all hits and vibes. My ears have been blessed.’

Pink Friday 2 was first teased back in June of 2020 when Nicki tweeted, and quickly deleted: ‘PF2’. It was initially scheduled for a 20 October 2023 release, but this was pushed back to 17 November, then finally 8 December. 

The album’s lead single, Super Freaky Girl, was released in August and went straight to number one, the first time a solo female rap song had done this since Lauren Hill’s Doo Wop in (That Thing) in 1998. 

Pink Friday 2 follows 2012’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, 2014’s The Pinkprint, and 2018’s Queen, as well as three mixtapes.

In November, Nicki released Pink Friday 2, her ninth fragrance, which was supposed to coincide with the album’s released.