Nicki Minaj May Have Reignited Beef With This Rapper on New Album

Nicki Minaj’s much anticipated fifth studio “Pink Friday 2” is out, and people are already picking apart the lyrics.

Of course, her fans expected all things classic Nicki for this comeback, her Barbie aesthetic, and catchy beats, but most of all those

eyebrow-raising disses. And this album delivered just that, and rapper Latto was the one to fall victim.

In her rapping cadence, “locs ho” sounds like Latto. “You’s a chop, ho?” Uh oh! Last November, Nicki had an issue with Latto’s song “Big Energy” getting nominated for a Grammy in the rap category while her song “Super Freaky Girl” was removed from rap and put in the pop category. She went on to say that artists should be speaking up when others are wronged, calling Latto (who is Black and white) a Karen for not taking a stand for her. Latto, disappointed in Nicki whom she respected, posted on X that she couldn’t even celebrate her Grammy nomination due to all the fuss. The two artists continued to air out their grievances over X. Unfortunately, a year later it seems like Nicki isn’t ready to let it go.