Nicki Minaj Reflects on 2-Hour Talk With J. Cole and How She ‘Couldn’t Stop Crying’ Hearing His ‘Pink Friday 2’ Verse

In a tweet shared on the album’s release day, Minaj recalled a two-hour conversation she had with Cole before hearing what became his verse on the track. According to Nicki, hearing Cole’s verse—which sees the Dreamville co-founder going deep on the sacrifices and strengths of a long-term relationship—proved to be an emotional experience. 

“This man J. Cole had a 2 hour talk with me. 2. Two!!!!” Minaj told fans on Friday. “Didn’t realize I was sitting on a therapist couch but ummm 2 days later I heard this verse & couldn’t stop crying. The end.”

Nicki didn’t stop her praise there, however, instead pointing to Cole as someone with the ability to help “empower” those around him.

“In a world where we know EXACTLY how & WHEN to tear each other apart, there are still Kings & Queens who know how to put ppl back together,” she said. “Patch them up. Heal them. Empower them. Understand them. Listen to them. Make them do the most beautiful thing a human being can do. Smile.”