Nicki Minaj’s Sister Ming Luanli Enters The Industry With First-Ever Music Video

While Nicki Minaj is celebrating her stardom on the Pink Friday 2 world tour, her sister Ming Luanli is forging her own. Moreover, she just

released her first-ever music video as a feature on Rakeem Love’s “Do It Again,” a slow, sultry, and nocturnal fusion of rap and R&B with a

moody NYC visual. It dropped Friday (March 8) and got assistance from City Help Productions, who also worked on MVs from Ice Spice and City Girl JT. Also, the video was brought in part by Quantum Swap AI, a crypto exchange that both Luanli and Love co-own in part.

Overall, it’s clear that talent runs pretty thick in the Maraj family. While not everyone was feeling Ming Luanli’s career when she teased new material, that was also the case for Nicki Minaj, and look at her now. As such, we can only expect this career and talent to grow over time, or at least manifest itself in the best possible way to fit her abilities. After all, it seems like Roman’s little sister is already involved in quite a few potential areas of business and entertainment.