Nicki Minaj’s Sister Ming Luanli Launches Rap Career with First Single ‘Do It Again’

Ming Luanli is following in her sister Nicki Minaj’s footsteps.

On Friday, Luanli appeared on Rakeem Love’s new breakup single “Do It Again,” where she was featured on a pair of verses.

“You’re acting suspicious, you don’t know what you do to me/ You’re after these bitches and wanna act like you glued to me,” she rhymes over a haunting melody.

Before Love takes over the vocals, Luanli raps: “You’re causing me glitches, the s— don’t compute to me/ Like 1+1+1 will never make 2 to me/ You’re treating me brutally.”

Later, she harmonizes with the singer/songwriter before the track concludes: “My condolences, you lost a real one to a poser/ Closing this door’s the only way I’m getting closure.”