Nicki Minaj’s younger sister Ming Luanli drops first music video

Music runs in the blood for Nicki Minaj’s family.

On Friday, Nicki’s younger sister, Ming Luanli, featured in her first ever music video for Rakeem Love’s new track Do It Again.

The emerging artist had made her musical debut earlier this year by lending her lyrics and vocals on the song as well.

Luanli, followed in her sister’s footsteps by showcasing her lyrical and rapping genius in the new track.

“You’re acting suspicious, you don’t know what you do to me/ You’re after these b****es and wanna act like you glued to me,” she rapped in the song’s intro.

“You’re causing me glitches the s*** don’t compute to me. Like 1 + 1 + 1 will never make 2 to me/ You’re doing me brutally, doing me brutally,” she continued, before Rakeem Love took over.