Nikki Minaj argues with her hairstylist backstage during Pink Friday 2 tour

Nicki Minaj was spotted arguing with her hair stylist backstage during her Pink Friday 2 world tour’s Seattle’s show.

The TMZ Hip Hop shared a photo depicting an argument between Nicki and her hairstylist backstage at her Seattle show on March 10.

According to some sources of TMZ Hip Hop, there were some more issues in the Seattle show including the missed cues and wardrobe delays.

Fans showed mixed reactions, some saying the rapper ‘overreacted’, while others took her side.

For those unversed, Nicki Minaj, the 41-year-old rap artist is currently on her Pink Friday 2 tour which kicked off at the start of March. Her Pink Friday 2 album was released back in December 2023, with mixed reactions from listeners but her fans are supporting her work and did not leave a single ticket of her shows.