OLD MACHINE Megan Fox, 37, ‘has likely spent $60k on surgery including nose job & buccal fat to look younger than Machine Gun Kelly’

Megan, 37, hit back at fans who claimed she’d had work done earlier this month, writing: “Oh my god guys look how different i…dont look at

all” on Instagram.

The post, on Valentine’s Day, showed her partying with fiance Machine Gun Kelly, 33, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce at a Super Bowl party in Las Vegas the night before.

The Transformers star appeared to be angered by comments saying she “looks very similar to Kim (Kardashian) suddenly” as they “share the same surgeons.”

Plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Westreich said the mom-of-three has had a “clear transformation,” but doesn’t look “overdone.”

“It is pretty well accepted that Megan has had her nose done,” Westreich told The U.S. Sun.

“There is a clear transformation there. Megan’s nose is now chiseled.

“It is highly possible that she had an upper lid procedure.

“Megan has had her top lip filled as well.