Paul Rudd recalls the incident he had with Jen.nifer Aniston in ‘Friends’: I immediately apologized to her

After the guests have pointed out at the beginning of the interview that they arrived yesterday, Sunday, in Madrid, and that they are leaving

tonight, Pablo Motos wanted to know what is the hardest thing about doing a world tour to promote a film.

“I think the three of us agree that the worst thing is to be in a city as wonderful as Madrid and be locked in a hotel room giving interviews. It’s very frustrating to be in a wonderful city and not be able to go out and enjoy it as much as we would like to,” said Rudd.

Going on with more stories, Rudd confessed that during the filming of ‘Friends’, series with which he achieved fame playing Phoebe‘s boyfriend, he starred in an incident with a ‘segway’ that made him think he was going to be fired.

Jennifer had hurt her foot and couldn’t walk without crutches. So, she had just been given a ‘segway’ and asked me if I wanted to try it. I said yes and she told me to try it but to be careful. I got on, turned around and ran over her bad foot. I immediately apologized, she told me that nothing was wrong, but the producers had a terrified look on their faces as if they were wondering: ‘Have you already filmed all the scenes and can we fire you now?’.