‘Pretty Boys are Poisonous’: Meg.an Fox writes about past relationships and intimate experiences

Actress Megan Fox has released her first ever book, “Pretty Boys are Poisonous,” featuring poems about her past relationships, abuse, self-

growth and motherhood.

Known for acting in movies such as “Jennifer’s Body” and “Transformers,” Fox has never written before. Fox said in an interview with People Magazine that she felt as if she could never fully express herself through acting. Poetry and writing gave her a more creative outlet and freedom of expression.

The book features seven original poems in which Fox uses a variety of ways to describe her former lovers. Although the poems are small in structure they pack quite the punch, giving the reader a raw, emotional and cathartic experience. It is not just a simple book of poems recounting toxic relationships, but a complex book of expression.

Fox first opens the book with a letter, addressing readers and stating her mission. She tells readers she has been reluctant to share her true feelings, writing, “Because when I do it has made the men who have loved me feel intimidated, inadequate and insecure.”

In order to express her experiences, Fox uses lots of analogies and metaphors. Additionally, each poem is written in lowercase letters, giving the book a tumblr-esque style rhetoric. All these elements contribute to the dark, alternative and edgy style Fox is known for.

In one poem, “Lessons in Hot Boy Demonology,” Fox writes, “you will find that bibles and silver bullets will fail you…you will let him feast on your tears and your self-esteem.” The comparison of bullets and bibles together are used to represent Fox’s prayers for trying to get out of an abusive relationship, with bullets representing the physical and emotional abuse hitting her. These powerful comparisons pack a punch while reiterating the complex feelings she felt.