Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Wore the Jeans Jennifer Aniston’s Rocked for Decades

I can be a little stuck in my ways, especially when it comes to jeans. I’ve been burned by denim shopping one too many times (an experience

I’m sure is far from unique), so when I find a silhouette and brand that works, I stick to it. Of course I’ve made exceptions, which is how I

discovered wide-leg jeans are far more flattering to my figure than a classic straight-leg style, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley might have just been convinced to make another one.

When the supermodel stepped out in Paris at the end of last week, she wore an outfit that can simply be described as très chic. It was an all-black, body-hugging ensemble she topped with a light brown leather jacket from Saint Laurent. She finished the look off with a small black clutch and a pair of oversized aviator sunnies; I know we talk about the model-off-duty look often, but this was giving spy-off-duty, a style I might argue is even sexier.

Breaking down the look, I realized I loved each individual part as much as I did the whole, but the item that stood out the most were her shockingly stylish bootcut jeans.