Sharon Stone, 65, would like Margot Robbie, 33, to play her in a movie after her heartbreaking memoir detailed a rough ride in Hollywood: ‘I adore her’

Sharon Stone already has an actress in mind to play her in a movie about her life.

The movie icon went from brainy and bullied student in Pennsylvania to bombshell movie star thanks to Basic Instinct then to stroke victim to survivor and

now painter, she detailed in her tell-all book The Beauty of Living Twice.

The 65-year-old blonde bombshell was dressed in a Barbie pink blazer when she sat down with The Lady Gang Podcast to discuss the person who could fill the diva’s stilettos.

Stone said Margot Robbie, 33, was the perfect star.

‘I adore Margot Robbie so probably her,’ offered the Casino actress. ‘She is so talented. After I saw her playing Tonya Harding I was like you’re it.’

The former Playboy cover girl also agreed that Robbie was ‘the greatest’ as she chatted with the two female hosts.

Robbie is at the height of her career at the moment after starring in this year’s summer blockbuster Barbie which, so far, has made $1.4B at the global box office.

The film, about how Barbie and Ken are having the time of their lives in the colorful and seemingly perfect world of Barbie Land, showed off not just Margot’s beauty but also her ability to switch between perfect and imperfect at the drop of a hat.

Stone has had quite the life.

In her 2021 book The Beauty Of Living Twice she revealed some hard truth bombs, like how her father used to hit her and how she had to face sexual assault.

The Sliver star also suffered a massive stroke that cost her not only her health, but her career, family and fortune.

In The Beauty Of Living Twice, Stone chronicled her efforts to rebuild her life and writes about her slow road back to health.

Stone talks about her pivotal roles, worst disappointments and reveals how she went from a ‘childhood of trauma and violence’ to a career in an industry that in many ways echoed those same assaults.

She described the strength and meaning she found in her three children, and in her humanitarian efforts, she said.

During an appearance on CNN, she explained: ‘I did not know [that scene] would change the dynamic of my life forever…

‘I didn’t know that on Friday when that movie came out that I would basically be a nobody and on Tuesday I would go to get my eye glasses picked up on Sunset Plaza and I would come out and my little 325 BMW and I would stop at the stop light and everyone would climb all over my car. ‘And the light would turn green and cars would start beeping and I wouldn’t know is it legal to drive when people are all over the top of your car?’

When asked if her story was true, Sharon went on to confess she was worried about being jailed if any of the enthusiastic fans got hurt.

She added: ‘This is the real thing and I’m in my car on Sunset Boulevard and they’re all over the hood and they’re all over the windshield and people are blowing their horns and I’m thinking if I drive and they get hurt, do I get arrested?

‘Is it a crime when you drive and people are on your car? And I’m inside thinking do I drive? Not drive? What’s the law on people all over your car?… ‘

Sharon concluded by warning fans: ‘Don’t get on my car ‘cos I don’t know what to do.’