Sharon Stone claims doctors misdiagnosed brain hemorrhage because staff believed she was ‘faking it’

In an interview with British Vogue, the “Basic Instinct” star detailed how she believed medical staff didn’t listen to her concerns.

She recounted visiting an emergency room in 2001, saying, “I remember waking up on a gurney and asking the kid wheeling it where I was going, and him saying, ‘brain surgery.’” 

“A doctor had decided, without my knowledge or consent, that he should give me exploratory brain surgery and sent me off to the operating room,” she claimed. “What I learned through that experience is that in a medical setting, women often just aren’t heard, particularly when you don’t have a female doctor.”

According to Stone, she had suffered from a ruptured vertebral artery, which led to a brain hemorrhage.

“They missed it with the first angiogram and decided that I was faking it,” the “Casino” star claimed. “My best friend talked them into giving me a second one and they discovered that I had been hemorrhaging into my brain, my whole subarachnoid pool, and that my vertebral artery was ruptured. I would have died if they had sent me home.”

When she first left the hospital, she revealed she had so much bleeding, “that the right side of my face fell, my left foot was dragging severely, and I was stuttering very badly.” says Stone, adding that she now takes medication daily to address the stuttering and severe brain seizures.