“She Looks Pregnant” And “She’s Unrecognizable” — People Are Spewing All Sorts Of Thoughts About Meg.an Fox’s Recent No Makeup Selfie, And Here’s Why We Need To Address It

And lately, Megan has been unapologetically living life. Last month she appeared on Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast and bared all,

including sharing the cosmetic procedures she has received as well as the ones she hasn’t.

If you’re curious, Megan said she has been accused of having a face/brow lift, eyebrow threads, buccal fat removal, a butt lift, liposuction, and body contouring but emphasized that she has never actually had any of these procedures.

However, Megan shared that she has had breast augmentation twice, her nose done in her early 20s, Botox, filler, and ONE other thing that she wasn’t willing to share.

With or without plastic surgery, Megan is an ICON. In recent weeks, we’ve seen her hair go from a red hue to a pink…