Taylor Swift and Megan Fox Got Their Boyfriends Together for a Super Bowl After-Party Date

Nobody has more celebrity friends than Taylor Swift, and that is just a fact. But I admit I did not realize her group included Megan Fox and

Machine Gun Kelly, who are the sexually active band geeks to Swift and Travis Kelce’s prom court. And yet here they all are, posing for

pictures together at a post–Super Bowl party at Zouk nightclub in Las Vegas, in an Instagram post from someone called Joe Oravec.

In the picture Swift is leaning on Kelce’s shoulder and smiling on one side. Beside them are MGK and Fox, who are both rocking their usual emo-punk aesthetic and flashing peace signs at the camera. The surprising double date was also captured on video, published in People, which shows Swift and Kelce coming up to Fox and Kelly and greeting them with hugs.